How to Watch Channel 4 On Demand Outside UK

how to watch channel 4 on demand outside uk1

If you want to watch All 4 (4oD) outside of the United Kingdom, you’ll love this detailed guide. Today, we’re going to share instructions which make it easy to get what you want!

Best VPN for Channel 4 Abroad

When you get a VPN, you’ll be able to choose your preferred server country. Just use the UK server option in order to avoid being blocked from enjoying All 4. VPNs aren’t just useful for watching All 4 out of the UK. They also allow people who can’t view Hulu or other channels due to being in restricted countries to enjoy them. Just select the server country that the service you like features in. Then, you’ll be able to access it easily.

First, we’d like to share a bit of information about All 4.

Private Internet Access

One of our favorite VPN providers in PIA. Not only do they have a large number of servers spread across the globe, their network is core has high bandwidth, perfect for streaming content such as Channel 4 4oD.

PIA has a selection of servers in the UK ready to help you stream the top channels across All 4.

What is All 4, Anyway?

All 4 is a video-on-demand service. It’s offered by the United Kingdom’s Channel Four Television Corporation. Initially, this channel was launched as 4oD, which stood for “four on demand”. Also, at the start, people could only gain access to it via their home computers. Since that point in time, access has improved. It’s now accessible via consoles for video gaming which aren’t wireless. In addition, it may be accessed via iOD and Android operating systems.

All 4 is a lot like the BBC iPlayer platform. When you choose All 4, you’ll be able to watch up to thirty days of the programming that you prefer, just as you’re able to do with BBC iPlayer. In addition, All 4 will give you the capacity to enjoy older programs which have been produced by Channel 4 in the past. As well, as with BBC iPlayer, the All 4 platform doesn’t cost a cent to access, as long as the person trying to access it is a resident of the United Kingdom. If you live outside of the United Kingdom, you’ll be able to enjoy certain programming via other platforms, such as Netflix. Another option for non-UK residents is using a virtual private network (a VPN).

Channel Four is renowned for its exceptional programs. Channel 4 offers an application which gives users the ability to stream programs live. This means that it makes it easy to watch shows which are being shown right now. Now, let’s talk about the channels which will be available to you via the official website.

Which Channels Do You Like Best?

You’ll have so many amazing choices. You’ll be able to watch Channel 4, in original form and in the national public service form. As well, you’ll be able to check out E4, which is meant for younger viewers between the ages of sixteen and thirty-four. E4 provides some great shows from America, including Hollyoaks, Desperate Housewives and Big Brother.

Another option is More4, which is designed to please those between the ages of thirty-five and sixty. More4 is all about going beyond news headlines and offering opinions and facts which are in-depth.

At one time, Film4 was available via subscription. Now, it’s free to access and it’s a great channel which features some excellent digital television options from Britain. It also provides films, but they aren’t high-definition movies.

Another choice to consider is 4seven. This channel is so convenient, as it gives viewers the opportunity to catch up on the last week of TV broadcasting.

If you love music, you should definitely take the time to enjoy 4Music. This channel is the best place to view new releases of single. As well, it offers a countdown show. If you every enjoyed MTV, when MTV was new and all about music and music videos, you’ll probably love 4Music.

Another option is 4Shorts. It displays a host of shorter pieces on a dizzying array of topics.

Which Streaming Platforms Work With 4oD?

This streaming platform is currently available on Windows, Android, Mac/PC, Apple iPhone/iPad, Roku, YouView, Now TV, TiVo, Xbox One/Xbox 360, Samsung/Panasonic Smart TV and PS3/PS4. It’s also available via SkyBox.

4oD Has An On-Demand Service

In addition to all of the perks and benefits that we’ve already discussed, 4oD provides on-demand service, via Channel 4. This service is one hundred percent free to access and it comes with More4 and E4.

You’ll love the on-demand viewing choices. Watch the gripping drama, Homeland, or laugh it up while enjoying The Big Bang Theory. Other shows to consider include Made in Chelsea. Gogglebox, 24 Hours in Police Custody, Hollyoaks, How Rich Are You?, Catch Up, Speed With Guy Martin, Car S.O.S., Glue, Come Dine With Me and NFL: American Football Live.

There are stations which are accessible via All 4. However, lots of channels may be enjoyed via the online All 4 platform. You’ll find that there is a TV show, newly single or film available which is perfect for the mood that you’re in, whether your mood is lighthearted or a little darker! There is so much breadth and variety to All 4. You’ll never, ever get bored!

A lot of programming from Channel 4 is enjoyed all around the world. For example, certain TV programs, including The IT Crowd, Father Ted and The Inbetweeners, are now licensed to Netflix, which means that other, non-UK audiences are able to view them via their own Netflix subscriptions. Now, let’s say that you’re out of the UK, you want to enjoy some All 4, and you don’t want to shell out for a Netflix subscription. What do you do?

Well, the answer is simple. You use the Web while using a virtual private network. Every VPN features a connection to a server which is encrypted. The server is generally in another nation. Without a VPN, you’ll receive a message when you try to watch All 4 outside of the UK, which indicates that you won’t be able to.

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