How to Find the Best VPN for Linux Mint


If you’re interested in choosing an operating system, you will need to do so with care. We are here to help! We’ve chosen five top┬áVPN providers for the Linux Distro ‘Mint’ in 2017 and each one offers plenty of advantages. By doing the research and homework for you, we’ll make it possible for you to select a VPN which is perfect for your needs.

Because we believe in top security, we definitely think Linux Mint offers the most benefits to users. While it’s less common than Windows, it does have a large and loyal following, for very good reason. Now, let’s talk about why this operating system is the preferred choice of many discerning consumers.

Why Choose Linux, Anyway?

Linux doesn’t provide default root administrator features/complete privileges to user accounts. Instead, it offers lower-level accounts which don’t have benefits via the bigger systems. This means that damage from virus attacks will be less likely to wreak havoc on a grand scale.

In other words, the virus will have its powers to harm severely restricted. It will affect individual machines’ folders and files, rather than the larger system. Naturally, it’s easier to replace a single machine than it is to purge a complete network from dangerous malware!

When you choose Linux, you’ll have a firewall at the ready, pre-installed, as well as superlative protection from viruses. While this operating system has flaws, as they all do, and it’s important to be aware of these, it’s a solid pick for many people.

In terms of data, security, the Linux OS will compile data about its users. The makers of Linux do all that they can to keep this sort of data secure. However, a leak is also possible while someone is using the Web. So, you’ll need to ensure that your online activities are as private and as safe as possible while you’re using version Sonya in 2017.

One fine option is a VPN service!

What Does a VPN Service Provide?

VPN services help users to shield their identities. They keep data secure and protected from those who hack systems. As well, they’ll protect you from other prying eyes online, such as government agencies and the like.

Linux does have distros, which is a particular distribution of the operating system which is created via the common Linux OS. One of these distros is Mint, which is compatible with most VPN service companies. Nonetheless, some services won’t be the right fit for Linux operating systems. Our top five picks will all be perfect fits.

What to Look For in the Top Mint Linux Sonya VPN Services

When you’re hunting for the right virtual private network (VPN) for your Linux operating system, you should think about specific core features which are vital. One is security protocols. This is so important as it’s going to function as a security barrier. The best security protocols will include encryption of data and they won’t hinder speed while you use them.

For example, if you plan to run online streaming channels and want connection speeds to be fast, go for L2TP/IPsec Protocol or PPTP. Other good choices are SSTP and OpenVPN.

Speed is another core feature that matters. You’ll find that how fast a VPN for Mint Sonya actually is will be dependent on the protocol that it provides. In general, the more security that is provided, the slower service will be. However, the VPN service that we are recommending offers an excellent balance between security and speed. It will give you the faster rate of speed that you want, even though it offers a truly high-security profile. This service is SSTP.

Consider also the number of servers which are utilized in order to provide VPN to users of Linux operating systems. Good VPNs will have a lot of servers which are active and these active servers will make it possible for you to connect to preferred websites no matter where you are on planet earth. When there aren’t as many servers, you may find it harder to connect with ease. Our recommended service has more active servers in key regions of the world than any other!

As well, you should look for a privacy shield. This core feature means that logs aren’t kept. It helps users to remain anonymous while they use the Web. It cloaks IP addresses and alters IPs of nations that you select as servers. This means that you’ll enjoy ultimate privacy. You won’t be traceable.

Another core feature to look for is superlative customer support. You should search for a VPN company which offers a very high level of responsiveness. In other words, if you’re encountering problems installing something as you utilize your VPN service, you should be able to get help right away, or very soon after you ask for it. Live chat support is a great customer support feature to look for. It makes it very easy to get help.

Also, you will probably be thinking about cost. This is something that most people think about before they choose VPN services. Bear in mind that the cheapest service isn’t always a great deal. Good services may cost more and they are well worth it. Low-quality VPNs aren’t really good investments for anyone and they are often overpriced, even though they are marketed as being cost-effective choices. Our top pick is very affordable and you’ll be able to choose a package which ranges from three to eight bucks per month. You’ll also have access to special promotions.

Linux is an excellent choice in terms of offering lots of servers and plenty of supercomputers, as well as mainframes. Linux provides a secure, rugged operating system and mechanism to users. Plus, it’s easy to learn and enjoy. It’s considered to be a non-commercial operating system. What’s most vital to consider is how much security the servers and other components offer. The best way to ensure the best security is to choose the best VPN for Mint.

One of our recommended providers will be able to give you the protection that you want and need.

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